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Thompson 1

Directors, musicians and artists that can change or enhance your mood have a special talent and a certain magic. There are endless films to view at the cinema and on TV, but probably not many that you could say really stirred your emotions. Although still images only have an instant to make an impression, there are some fantastic paintings and photographs that communicate with your imagination straight away. There are artists and photographers that obviously have more skill than others and I think originality automatically falls into the laps of the more highly gifted people. My feeling is that Nicola is one of these lucky people with a natural gift.

Thompson 2

I recently stumbled across a fantastic photo on the internet that seemed to not only have a vintage feel to it but also to capture the spirit of Manchester. I instantly thought that this was an original artist using the medium of photography to express their vision.

Thompson 3

Being a DJ I am constantly listening to new songs and every now and again there will be a certain musical style or sound that reminds me of me of another band or artist. It was quite funny that when I started to look through Nicola’s images, I began to think of The Smiths. I realised that it was the originality and flamboyancy of some of the photos that reminded me so much of the Manchester band and especially Morrisey.

If you take a quick look at the photos on Nicola’s home page you will hopefully see what I mean.

Any one of these photos could quite easily have been used as a 7” single cover for The Smiths.

I can hear the guitar intro to “This Charming Man” playing now as I look at her original artwork and there is also a certain nostalgic feel with the butcher shop ribbons  and Victorian tiled walls.

Thompson 4

“The last of the English Roses“ is an obvious thought created by this beautiful photo.

I feel Nicola really is an artist and I would be quite interested to know if she has ever tried her hand at painting as her use of colour and light is exceptional.

I will be choosing a new photographer each month to review on my blog, but for now Nicola definitely wins my Photographer of the Month award.

Thompson 5

Please note I do not write articles about other suppliers as a form of business. I only write about people if I genuinely like their work.


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