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Choosing a Wedding DJ in Manchester or a Wedding DJ in Cheshire?

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Why saving a few pounds on your DJ can cost more than its worth!

This article contains important advice for those in search of the perfect Wedding DJ.

Choosing the right DJ for your wedding can be quite a daunting task and is probably one of the most important choices you will make for your wedding reception.  Guests usually judge how good the party was by whether they’ve had a good dance or not. People need to feel both relaxed and confident before they are ready to take to the dance floor and the music motivates them to actively take part in the party. People tend to be friendlier and a bit more outgoing once they have joined the party on the dance floor.  Once the dance floor is busy, the DJ can dictate the pace and decide when to take the crowd to the next level.

Does your DJ have the experience required to get all age groups on the dance floor?

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Will your DJ provide excitement for every age group?

Creating a relaxed atmosphere that slowly lifts into an exciting and uplifting party is a skill gained by experience.  The big challenge Wedding DJs face is appealing to all the age groups and yes, a DJ can have a modern approach and still appeal to the older age groups . There are songs through most decades that create such a high level of energy without all the expensive production that is now found on most dance tracks. Just take a look at some adverts on TV over the last ten years. You will find tracks that go back to the 50s, 60s and even earlier in some cases. Why do highly skilled and experienced advertising executives choose these songs for their multi-million pound advertising campaigns? Well it’s because they work and contain a touch of magic. Choosing older songs for the dance floor is not the same as choosing songs for a TV advert. However, there are some older songs that just work on the dance floor and still have that cool edge that makes you want to dance, even 50 or 60 years after they were originally in the charts.

Does your DJ have the right style for your event?  FLoorfillas DJ Blog head Images

You can also find some DJs that provide Karaoke. However, Floorfillas do not offer this service. DJs often have their own style. Some DJs rely on great songs to create a party atmosphere, whilst others adopt a more interactive style which involves talking over the microphone to guests and sometimes making a few jokes and providing party games. Then there are club DJs who very rarely talk, but know how to mix beats together.  So it is necessary to decide what kind of entertainment you would like to provide for your guests and ensure that you choose a DJ to match! I personally rely more on good music to create the atmosphere, but also understand that communication with guests can help them feel more relaxed and subsequently more likely to let themselves go a bit more.  We have all been to at least one Wedding Reception or Party where the DJ talks over the music in a style more reminiscent of a bingo caller than a DJ. There are DJs who offer party games and karaoke.  My personal feelings are that party games are a little bit old-fashioned, and although Karaoke can be fun in a private booth or office party, this may not be suitable or appropriate as some people have a definite dislike for Karaoke events.

How much should you pay for your DJ?

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 Your expensive wedding could be ruined by a bargain basement DJ!

Let me start this section with a fact that is very widely known in most areas of the entertainment industry: you get what you pay for. I recently read this on a popular wedding websites forum:

“ How much should I pay for my wedding DJ ?”

A reply was posted;

“Well I paid £250 for our DJ”

The following response:  Wow I think I am getting ripped off as I have been quoted £450”!

DJs quoting £400-£500 for an event will charge this kind of price if they are confident that they can provide a high standard of service to their customer. They have probably established an excellent reputation with local venues and have a catalogue of first class references. They will be highly experienced at reading the crowd, choosing the right music and will have an overall image of professionalism – reflected in their equipment, website and promotional material and presentation. The good professionals will always carry back-up equipment just in case of any unforeseen emergency. They will have a high level of public liability insurance (normally £5 to £10 million pounds) and will also have the essential PAT certification that most venues now insist on. Another asset they will probably have is an outgoing, friendly and personable personality.  Highly experienced DJs are also quite capable of coping with stressful situations, and finding a fast and efficient solution to any problems that could arise during your event. A professional DJ will probably look into your request list the week before your event and have a set of music to hand that compliments your chosen songs. I spend at least a day preparing for most parties and this can sometimes stretch to 2 or 3 days if the client requires bespoke videos playing at their event. So a DJ who only charges £250 is likely to have a full time job and perhaps be moonlighting as a DJ in the evening. The equipment may not be of professional grade and his DJ skills and music knowledge will not equal those of a full time professional. It is also worth bearing in mind that if you are paying a low fee, some less scrupulous DJs may decide to cancel your booking in favour of a more lucrative job if one is offered. I am often called by agents and private customers requesting my availability due to a DJ “no show” or unexplained late cancellation. I hope you don’t take any risks when you book your entertainment for your Wedding reception.

If you would like more information on the Floorfillas DJ service please drop me an email.

Thank you


by Anton Joe


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