Get The Party Started With Video Jukebox From Floorfillas

July 8th, 2013


Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, prom, party or corporate event, our Video Jukebox system will help you to create a night to remember. Turn your special event into a true audio-visual experience with our double projector screen system.

What is Video Jukebox?

Video Jukebox is a double projector screen system that can be used with music videos or specially produced exclusive videos to create a really special experience that will be hard to forget.

You can choose from the Floorfillas music video library, which offers a wide selection of videos ranging from pop hits to RnB or classic rock; or choose your own playlist for any style of music you prefer.

Video Jukebox isn’t just a system for playing music videos. To add an extra special touch to your event or party, we can create a special presentation from your own photographs and video clips, ideal for weddings, corporate events, fashion shows and themed parties.

Video Jukebox for weddings


To create an extra special wedding reception that both you and your guests are sure to remember, use our bespoke video creation service to create a video that tells the love story between you and your partner.

Our photo slideshows are also a great way to showcase photos from your wedding if you were married abroad or there are guests at your wedding party who weren’t able to attend the ceremony.

Video Jukebox for themed parties


Our video projection service is very popular for birthdays and anniversaries. Baby photos and even slightly embarrassing photos from years gone by are always a great talking point and help to get your guests laughing and in the party spirit.

Themed parties are becoming increasingly popular and Video Jukebox can add some extra authenticity to your James Bond themed, beach themed, or casino style party.

Video Jukebox for corporate events


Our video production service is ideal for creating presentations for your award ceremony or corporate events. We can include photos and video clips of your team members along with graphics and music to create a stunning production that is unique and inspiring.

How much does Video Jukebox cost?

Our Play 200 system includes 2 projectors and 2 large screens, which is suitable for medium to large venues, hosting up to 200 guests. The price is £650, for events in Manchester and Cheshire with a start time of 7-8pm and a DJ set finish time of 12am. The price also includes a light show and a high quality PA system.

For smaller venues, our Play 150 system includes one projector and screen at £550. It is suitable for events hosting up to 150 guests.

Our video and slideshow production for bespoke videos starts at £50 and we can incorporate any photographs and video clips of your choice. We will also help you to create a custom video that can be posted up after the event on social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Please contact us on 07507 548 607 to have a chat about your requirements, or use the contact form on our website. We’d love to help your vision become a reality.