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Choosing a Wedding Theme for your Perfect Cheshire Wedding

Sunday, July 28th, 2013


When you’re planning your wedding reception in Manchester or Cheshire, it can be difficult knowing where to start. There are so many options to consider such as decorations, food, venue and so on, it can be rather overwhelming. Most people find it helps to plan their reception around a theme. This gives you a central concept to tie everything around and helps to reduce the list of possible options when you are choosing decorations, invitations and favours.

It can help if you try and match your theme to the location and season of your wedding. A winter theme would seem very odd for a summer wedding! Try brainstorming a list of words that come to mind when you think of the season the wedding party will be held in – cherry blossoms and birds for spring, snowflakes and ice sculptures for winter for example. This can give you a good basis for wedding decorations and the like on a theme.

Also think about where the wedding will be held. Venues with gardens and attractive outdoor areas lend themselves well to a natural theme with relaxed arrangements of fresh flowers. If your wedding is in a castle you might like to consider a fairytale theme complete with a Cinderella style dress and a wedding cake fit for a princess.

Many couples choose the location where they first met or a common interest as the basis for a theme. An easy way to do this is to name the guest tables along these lines – e.g. famous mountains for a couple of hiking enthusiasts or even a list of countries you plan to visit in your round the world honeymoon trip!

If you want a really unusual theme that will get your wedding talked about and surely remembered by all your guests, you could consider a gothic wedding, a medieval wedding or even a pirate wedding! Obviously these ideas are not for everyone but if you and your partner both agree it could make for a really fun idea that you’re both sure to enjoy.

When you’ve got the general idea for your theme you can start to have a look for wedding supplies that match. Certain themes are more popular than others and you may have to get a little creative and make your own wedding favours and other items if you’ve chosen something that is really unusual. You might also want to give your bridesmaids and other assistants gifts that match your theme, which is a really fun way to ensure they remember your wedding fondly.

Browsing through wedding magazines can help to give you an idea of the effect you want to create at your wedding party and can give you some ideas for themes. They often also list wedding party decorations and suppliers so you’ll know exactly where to buy that particular wedding party favour.

If you’re really stuck for ideas then you might want to start with just your favourite colour. This can be used as the main colour for bridesmaid dresses and then also used in the wedding party decorations. Black and white can look very good when done well and adds a bit more interest to the usual white wedding. Purple is also a very popular choice. Pink lends itself well to a spring theme complete with cherry blossoms.

Floorfillas has provided DJ entertainment for many weddings in the Manchester and Cheshire areas and seen lots of different themes for weddings and receptions. If you’re stuck for ideas or you’d like to talk about booking your Manchester wedding DJ, contact us today.