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The brown, sweet sugary substance that tickles our taste buds

Friday, October 4th, 2013



The History of Chocolate

Xocolatl, Chocolat or as we call it in the UK, chocolate, was first brought to the European regions by Cortex where is was made more palatable for the European’s to enjoy.  It was mixed with ground roasted cocoa beans along with sugar and vanilla, a mixture that is still commonly practiced today.  The sweetening of the chocolate removed the bitterness that was much enjoyed by the Aztec’s.

But it wasn’t until 1520 that it arrived in England with the first Chocolate House of England being opened in London in the year 1657.  Due to its instant popularity lots of others followed suit shortly after.  This is when the trend for coffee houses started which were originally used as clubs where the wealthy would meet to enjoy a pipe, socialise and discuss business over a cup of hot chocolate.

240fd8aaa550abca03876d1110cb8fffSo when did we get to recognise the brands of today such as Cadbury’s and Fry?  It is certain that the families of Fry, Rowntree and Cadbury’s began establishing a chocolate brand that was unique to them quite early on.  In fact Joseph Fry of Fry and Sons was founded in 1728 in the city of Bristol were the first company to sell the world’s first chocolate bar.  They may have almost disappeared as Fry’s have been taken over by Cadbury’s and Rowntree merged with Swiss company, Nestle to form the largest chocolate maker in the world.  And the rest as we say is chocolate history……

Chocolate TV Adverts

Just like many other countries, chocolate is a symbol of romance.  But this sweet, sugary brown substance can also be pretty funny as we see in some of the best chocolate ads to hit our TV’s.

We take a trip down memory lane as these adverts will either melt your heart or tickle you on the funny bone.  You decide!

  1. 1.    Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate – Gorilla drumming Phil Collins

Firstly, not quite sure what this advert has to do with chocolate but it certainly random yet unforgettable.  The advert zooms in on a gorilla playing Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight”.  However it is only at the end of the advert that we get to realise it is the gorilla playing the drums.  Such a fantastic advert.

  1. 2.    Cadbury’s Milk Tray

“All because the lady loves Milk Tray”!  Do we need to say more?  Inspired on a James Bond look-alike as he throws himself into the sea on an apparent suicide mission.

Chocolate Wedding Favors

chocolate-making-workshop-with-25101244If you are organizing a wedding in Cheshire or a wedding in Manchester over the next 12 months why don’t you consider adding a small and tasty touch of class with a selection of made chocolates for your guests.

If we were to have a debate on what makes the best wedding favors there would be lots of suggestions including candles, personalised glassware, and candle holders to name a few.  These may all be popular choices but unfortunately these so called “knick knacks” will end up on the shelf of guest’s homes gathering dust in the hope they will be picked up and cleaned.

A wedding favour should be memorable and is sinfully delicious.  Yes, you’ve got it right, chocolate.  These are most definitely a crowd-pleaser for all guests.  It is a proven fact that the UK has a love affair with this delicious sweet with the average person enjoying high quality chocolates at any time.  The chocolate wedding favor certainly has no rival close to beating it.  Think handmade chocolates.

images1There are some high quality chocolatiers that can provide you and your guest’s wonderful handmade chocolate favors in a variety of styles.  There is something for the coffee enthusiast, a heart chocolate for the romantic; in fact there is a chocolate that meets everyone’s tastes.

Because handmade chocolates are unique to you, you can theme your chocolate favors.  So that cherry chocolate truffles will make your mouth water while you are looking at the bride holding blood red flowers.

So where can you get your hands on these beautifully crafted handmade chocolate?  We have compiled a short list below of our favourites:

An excellent alternative to chocolate is beautifully hand piped biscuits that come in a range of traditional flavours but more importantly because they are made fresh for your wedding you can personalise these to make incredible gifts for your guests.  With cookies starting from only £3.95 these wedding favors would make your guests go wow as they open the little box.  Contact Peggy Porshen Cakes for more information.


If you would like high class entertainment to match your high class chocolates make sure you check out the Floorfillas website first.