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  • Uplighting in ManchesterUplighting in CheshireUplighting in ManchesterUplighting in CheshireUplighting in ManchesterUplighting in Cheshire

    Uplighting in Manchester | Uplighting in Cheshire


    Add elegant L.E.D. mood lighting to enhance your wedding reception, birthday party or corporate event. Uplighting also known as mood lights can have a dramatic effect on the overall style of your event. This form of lighting adds a touch of class to any party and gives the room a warm, welcoming feeling.

    Rooms appear to come alive once the uplighting is turned on and it is one of the easiest, most economical ways to make a big impression on your guests.

    Subtle lighting can now be achieved with small, low profile, LED lights. Although these modern lights have powerful lighting potential, they use very little electricity and take up the minimum amount of floor space. Another bonus of these new LED powered lights is they generate very little heat and are therefore much safer than the old fashioned steel lights known as metal par cans.

    Uplighting can be used with just one solid colour to compliment your wedding/party decor or a combination of colours can be mixed together. One solid colour is the most popular choice however the lights can also be programmed to slowly change colour.

    The colour mixing in the LED lights used by Floorfillas is limitless so matching your chosen colours will not be a problem.

    The overall effect of uplighting varies depending on the colour(s) you choose and how much of the room you want to light.

    If you would like to add the "wow factor" to your event then uplighting is definitely recommended.

    Prices include delivery, setup and takedown of lights. All necessary leads are provided if hired separately.

    See the prices page for our current hire rates.

    If you need professional uplighting in Manchester or uplighting in Cheshire call 07507 548 607.