Wedding Logo Design in Manchester

Meet the designer - Liana Hutchinson


Wedding Logo Design in Manchester | Wedding Logo Design in Cheshire

My name is Liana and I am an artist and graphic designer with a passion for creating artwork that has a classic feel with a modern twist. I also enjoy painting portraits of people, however my most recent work has seen me focus more on producing exclusive logo designs for couples that are about to get married.


How it began

My fiancé is the man behind Floorfillas DJ service and about two years ago he asked me if I could produce some artwork or a logo for a bride and groom that had asked if it was possible to have their names projected on the dance floor prior to their first dance.

I thought this would be an ideal opportunity for me to express my art and since my first wedding logo I have been kept busy producing further designs for Floorfillas as the new logo design service has proved to be really popular with younger couples getting married.


My focus

I focus on providing an exceptional level of customer service and high quality, individualistic designs. I believe that each logo I produce is a piece of art that can in time be adapted to become that families logo and be further enhanced to become a modern twist on the coat of arms. I strive to combine clean designs with exquisite yet simple layouts. Every logo is hand drawn to begin with and is totally exclusive to each bride and groom. I have tried to create a distinct style throughout my work and I now feel my style is quite unique and distinctive.

I decided to work with gold and silvers as the primary colours within my logo designs as these metallic colours blend nicely with any chosen wedding colours such as pinks, purples and blues etc.

Whether you have a solid idea of what you want, or you’ve got a few random thoughts, I will do my very best bring your new logo to life.

A wedding creates a completely new name surname for the bride and from the Wedding day onwards that name will be shared and what better way to celebrate this is there than to have your own unique wedding names designed into your very own logo.


How I create your design

To begin with we discuss your requirements, detailing style colours and fonts etc. the procedure is then as follows:

First of all I create a number of design ideas by hand and then transfer them into computer graphics you are then invited to choose your final design from three options Once you have chosen your main design I can then transform your logo artwork into
a Gobo.or glass slide ready for projecting. This is a specialist metal or glass lense used extensively within the professional lighting industry.

The gobo / slide is then fitted into one of the hi-tech projectors ready to artistically illuminate your wedding party

Obciously your logo can also be used on your Wedding stationery if your Wedding planning is still in the early stages.


If you need wedding logo design in Manchester or wedding logo design in Cheshire call 07507 548 607.


Examples of how to use your logos


Plaque for you house /garden gate or garden wall Gobo light to illuminate the evening reception Embroidered or screen printed sports clothing Wedding Logo Design in CheshireEngraved jewellery Etched champagne glasses / glasswareLuxury towels for your honeymoon, holidays etc


The above samples are from left to right


Plaque for you house /garden gate or garden wall

Gobo light to illuminate the evening reception

Embroidered or screen printed sports clothing

Printed or embossed wedding stationery

Engraved jewellery

Etched champagne glasses / glassware

Luxury towels for your honeymoon, holidays etc

The possibilities are endless and the logo adds a real touch of distinction